New Math Teacher at Brookfield East: Mr. Cordell


Maria Korkos, Lifestyles Editor

Our new Precalculus and Trigonometry teacher Mr. Cordell shared some information about just who he is (inside and out of Brookfield East).

Majoring in math education at Northern Illinois, he was drawn to Brookfield East for both the academic and athletic caliber. With a “student understanding first” philosophy, Mr. Cordell was inspired by a college professor to put understanding over content.

He always liked math because of the challenge of it. Stating, “I wasn’t the best at it”, he explains that grades will take care of themselves.

As for advice to his students this year, don’t be afraid to fail as long as you learn from it. To fully learn, there must be a little struggle, otherwise you are not actually learning.

Outside of school, you can find Mr. Cordell on the track field assistant coaching the girls cross country team. Praising the team work ethic and claiming, “cross country is the best sport”.

He can be found spending time with his wife and daughter (and anticipating the welcoming of his second daughter due this December!).