East Soccer Takes Dominant Win Over Fon du Lac United

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East Soccer Takes Dominant Win Over Fon du Lac United

Junior Nick Prodzinski postures for a long shot.

Junior Nick Prodzinski postures for a long shot.

Allie Keith

Junior Nick Prodzinski postures for a long shot.

Allie Keith

Allie Keith

Junior Nick Prodzinski postures for a long shot.

David Turicek, Writer

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Scoring Plays

Goal in the 10’ by BEHS Quincy Perry (1-0)

Goal in the 15’ by BEHS Ryan Mazza (2-0)

Goal in the 18’ by BEHS Andrew Bingen (3-0)

Goal in the 21’ by BEHS Matthew Kohler (4-0)

Goal in the 25’ by BEHS Jake Bingen (5-0)

Goal in the 50’ by BEHS James Wilson (6-0)

Goal in the 71’ by BEHS Samer Bilal (7-0)

Goal in the 81’ by BEHS Samer Bilal (8-0)

Goal in the 89’ by BEHS Henry Irwin (9-0)

Game Summary

After a tough loss in their previous match versus Kettle Moraine this past Saturday, Brookfield East was looking to start their playoff run strong against a less known Fond Du Lac United squad. 

A multi-school team, the group is made up of students from North Fond Du Lac, Oakfield High School, Saint Mary’s Springs Academy, and Laconia High School.

Also at the beginning of their playoff journey the Fond Du Lac United squad had to travel almost an hour to get to Brookfield East, showing their dedication to the sport of soccer.

Brookfield East started the game with a bit of confidence, they knew they were the stronger side. In fact, it only took 10 minutes for them to take the early lead over Fond Du Lac United. It was Quincy Perry (11) who was left wide open for an easy tap-in goal.

Only five minutes later, the birthday-boy Ryan Mazza (12) was gifted a shot from long that went straight through the legs of the opposing goalkeeper.

Fans did not have to wait long to see another goal, as senior Andrew Bingen (12) extended the Spartan lead to three goals in the 18th minute. A mere three minutes later, Matthew Kohler (12) was presented with an opening for an easy tap-in.

The crowd began to see a trend in the ways their team was scoring. The Fond Du Lac United defense was not on the same page, unable to keep with the talented Brookfield East attackers.

Four minutes later, another goal came for the Spartans. This time, it was Jacob Bingen (11) who provided a new sight for the fans by heading the ball passed the United goalkeeper. They had been so used to seeing easy tap-ins and surely appreciated the effort by Bingen for entertaining them.

For most of the second half, the Spartan substitutes and reserves received the majority of the playing time. This was interesting for fans after seeing the one-sided first half of play. Despite the absence of most of the starters, Brookfield East still managed to increase their lead over Fond Du Lac United.

In the 50th minute, like three of the previous goals, James Wilson (11) was gifted with an easy tap-in, increasing the lead to six goals. Then, as the game seemed to settle down, it was substitute Samer Bilal (12) who added to the excitement.

Not only did the fan-favorite craft stunning through balls and passes to his fellow teammates, he netted two goals—one in the 71st minute, and the other in the 81st minute—to highlight the talent he has not been able to show the rest of the season.

As the match winded down to its final few minutes, the Spartans continued to attack. After 89 minutes of play, a handball in the box by a Fond Du Lac United defender gave the Spartans another goal-scoring opportunity, as Henry Irwin (9) converted the penalty kick with ease.

Ending in a 9-0 victory for the Spartans, fans were looking forward to Saturday’s second playoff matchup.

As most teams do with any lead over three goals, the Brookfield East fans were expecting the team to let their foot off the gas pedal and cruise to victory. However, this was not the case for tonight’s Spartan side. They showed how no matter what lead they hold, they will play with their full effort and push forward until the whistle blows.

Player of the Match

Although there were a number of great performances from the Spartan side, it is Samer Bilal who earns tonight’s Man of the Match. Although Bilal is known for his thread-of-the-needle passes and fancy footwork, he showed the public that he can score goals two, as he was the only Spartan to score multiple goals in tonight’s match. Fans hope that they will get to see Bilal more in Saturday’s second playoff match.