BEHS Swim and Dive Wins Third State Championship in a Row


Shiv Muthpandiyan and Amanjot Kaur

In November, the Girls Swim and Dive team won state for the third year in a row.

In addition, they broke numerous records, with Lucy Thomas (11) in the 100 breaststroke; Lucy Thomas, Abby Wanezek (12), Reese Tiltman (11), and Audrey Olen (10) in the 200-freestyle relay; Abby Wanezek, Maggie Wanezek (10), Reese Tiltman, and Audrey Olen in the 400 freestyle; Abby Wanezek in the 50 and 100 freestyle; and Maggie Wanezek in the 100 backstroke.

This year’s Swim and Dive was a return to normalcy after COVID last year. According to Abby Wanezek, the Swim and Dive team captain, “It was a lot of fun, especially this year being compared to last year, with COVID, where it was all shut down and we couldn’t do the usual team functions that we do…Last year again, with the meets, there were no spectators and only 400 people could go, which is still a large [number], but compared to this year, 1400 people went.”

Wanezek was glad to end her last year on a high note. “It feels incredible…finishing off this last year as a senior and coming in and having the goal of winning state and then having the feeling of winning. That feeling never goes away. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s hard work pay off, especially in practice with everyone pushing each other. Having everyone’s goals be accomplished in the end feels great.”

She loves winning with her team, and especially with her sister, Maggie. “[M]y sister and I, in the 50 freestyle, always race next to each other. Last year, we went 1st and 2nd, and this year, we went 1st and 2nd again. That is just the most crazy feeling. We always hug each other at the end, and it is just so fun racing next to her. I’m really going to miss doing that when I go off to college.”

Swim and Dive’s teamwork and camaraderie is perhaps the best part of partaking in the sport. Wanezek adds, “I remember a JV conference, where everyone came together, JV and Varsity, and [was] cheering everyone on at that meet. Honestly, it was really great. That’s one of my favorite parts of high school swim. Just the team and atmosphere of everyone cheering each other and really wanting everyone to do their best. It made me really happy to see everyone.”

However, Wanezek’s Swim and Dive career isn’t over. “I actually just signed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to swim on their team. I am so excited. I had my recruiting process about a year ago, and I knew once I met the team and the coaches, that it was the place for me.”