There is a Club for You: Featuring 4 of the 71 Clubs at East


Maggie Stapel

Brookfield East offers a plethora of clubs to choose from. Whether it is science, public speaking, language, volunteering, or just relaxing, there is a club for everyone. 

Ali Rusk (12), Anna Muma (12), and Mrs. Augustin run the creativity club. Member Miranda Mclheran (12) says, “creativity club is a way to destress and give people a place to journal creatively.” With meetings every other Friday before school, Mclheran  describes that “each time we meet, we have a different activity to do in our bullet journals.” Bullet journaling is the main focus of Creativity club. Bullet journaling is an artistic yet organized way to keep track of moods, goals, to-dos, and other notes. Mclheran appreciates being able to “talk with [her] friends while journaling creatively,” and she suggests this club “if you want to try it but struggle to find the time.” 

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) is led by Eiman Mir (11), Joshitha Senthil (11), and Ridhi Mohan (11). The club strives to help students become health community leaders through education, collaboration, and unique experiences. Michelle Xie (11) says her favorite part of HOSA is “meeting people who have similar aspirations for their futures” and “getting to talk to different people in the field to see what their career paths were like.”. Xie encourages “anyone interested in the sciences or going into healthcare as a future career” to join. 

German club explores the culture through activities like cooking, sports, games, crafts, and movies. Advisor Kelsie Patillo-Miller welcomes everyone to participate, saying, “this year, we have many members who don’t speak German.” Linnea Wagner (10), Indica Scheufele (10), and Cece Wendling (10) all help plan the club’s activities. Patillo mentions, “In November, we hosted a World Cup soccer tournament for all of the language clubs to compete in. In December, we had a Krampus-themed escape room.” Not to mention, there are plenty upcoming events, including German Day at UW-Madison, which Patillo describes as “a day full of competitions against teams from across the state. The event has been canceled for the last three years due to Covid, so the teachers/advisors and organizers are excited about finally bringing it back.”

Science Olympiad is dedicated to increasing science education through activities, research, training workshops, and tournaments. The club is advised by Hayden Holland and led by David Wang (12), Alan Sudhan (12), Johnny Chen (11), Mellynda Jia (10), and Anna Castello (11). John Tsagalis (11) was interested because he “like[s] science, and Science Olympiad offers a large variety of sciences for you to study while working towards the end goal of winning the competition.” The competition season begins in late January. Based on competition scores, students can advance to state. Tsagalis enjoys the versatility in the tournament, adding that “different events have different layouts including paper/pencil tests, construction, lab work, or a combination.” This club is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in science. 

Many high schoolers feel the pressure of college approaching. Getting involved with clubs is a fantastic way to boost an application. But, no matter your interests, Brookfield East has much to choose from.