Code with the Computer Science National Honors Society

Alexandra Orejuela

Are you interested in coding or learning how to code?

If so, there is a new club on the rise for you. The Computer National Honor Society (CNHS) is a club with the purpose of helping students advance coding skills, and connect with the community inside and out. The club was created by Fatima Tlemsani in 2021 and her personal goal is that all students have access to computer science classes. She emphasized the club’s accessibility to girls because there is a current gender gap in this field and she wants to try to create more interest in it for girls. 

Siri Jonnada (9), the club’s treasurer, added, “We host events that work with children at elementary schools that allow you to spread your knowledge of computer science through the community.”  She stated that joining and remaining in the club was an easy choice because of the nice people and friendly atmosphere within the club. 

 According to Fatima Tlemsani, projects they have done to achieve their message include Hour of Code, Girls Who Code, and competitions like ASCL where students have won first in the state.  To be eligible one must have either past or concurrent enrollment in a semester of computer science, and by the end of the year, 10 hours of community service.  

 Mrs. Tlemsani is eager to invite new students. “Come give it a try! Computer science is a growing field and you don’t want to miss it!”