Brookfield East changes school bells, Students and staff respond

MGR Govindarajan

Brookfield East High School has changed the sound of their bells to music playing through passing period. However there is a testing period of a week before Thanksgiving Break to see the response

According to Andrew Farley, Principal of Brookfield East, the idea was first brought up years ago, and a student leadership group came up with ideas to do it this year. “We didn’t collectively understand the technology,” Farley said. 

“I’ve received mixed feelings about it, but that comes with change” said Francis Bridger, Officer Manager. “I’ve gotten more questions about being able to vary the genre than not having it.” 

Antony Amala (12) confirmed what Bridger stated. “I do enjoy the music … the idea of using the music to transition is cool.” 

Jeff Ortman, a veteran English teacher at the school, said students have expressed concerns, especially regarding the “variety of music that isn’t what they are calling elevator music.” 

Farley indicated that students and staff will find out soon whether we’re sticking with the system or not.