Lexi Penny dives at state

Nora Gregory

Lexi Penney (12) finished her senior year of high school diving at Brookfield East by qualifying for state on November 16.

This isn’t the first time Penney has been to state though.  Last year she finished sixth and improved this year to finish fourth out of twenty four. Diving at the state level requires high scores in Varsity Conference and Sectionals.  When you dive varsity you have to have at least 11 dives to compete.

“I think I’ve gotten better at like when something bad happens, or like I have a bad dive, I’ve gotten better at shaking it off and refocusing myself” Penney said.

Even though she went to state last year, Penney was still very tense.

I mean I was definitely really nervous” Penney said.  “I remember getting up on the board for my first dive and I was literally shaking.”

“My favorite thing about state was seeing all of the other girls that I knew from club and other meets and stuff, and it was kind of a lot of our like last high school meets so that was really exciting and also super bittersweet.” she said.  “Once you get to state, you’re there so you can just do your best and whatever happens happens.”