Antony (12) walks out of the library, tired of hearing about databases

Emily Zhang

Merriam-Webster defines senioritis as an ebbing in motivation in seniors. Senioritis is a condition that seniors admit to dealing with as they are eager to move on to the next chapter of their lives. 

Senioritis manifests itself in many ways: an unwillingness to do work,  unmotivated to stay inside and complete work, and even showing up to school late if at all. 

“I have noticed symptoms of senioritis [throughout school],” said Chloe O’Connell (12). “People seem bored and people who have SPOs have been dreading getting into class and unmotivated to do their work.”

O’Connell, like many other seniors, tend to be more concerned about academics for their first semester than their second. “I care more for this semester, next semester not as much,” O’Connell said.

 However, O’Connell recognizes that colleges still want her senior year grades so she wants to do “wants to try and do better.” Meghan McArdle (12) agrees that college is still keeping her motivated…for this term at least. She said, “colleges are going to see my 1st term grades, so I want to keep them up as long as possible.” With the end of 1st semester approaching so rapidly, they’re motivated so see it through to the end. 

Victoria O’Chotnicky (12),  shared her experiences with senioritis so far. O’Chotnicky (12) said, “I think I have waited until the night before to get everything done and it just hits me hard the night before.” Despite the obstacles senioritis poses,  O’Chotnicky (12) said that “being in sports and clubs motivates me to come to school.” At East, students must arrive at school on time and be present in all their classes in order to participate in extracurricular activities. When asked about her advice to future seniors, Ochotnicky (12)  recommends to “take classes that motivate you and is of your interest” and advices current seniors to “stay strong.”