2nd Semester Freshmen Advice


As we head into 2020, the first semester is rapidly coming to an end. The class of 2023 has survived their first of eight semesters. Upperclassmen and sophomores offer advice on how to finish off their first year of high school.


Alyssa Jonas (11) – “Don’t slack off your freshman year, it’s definitely going to be your easiest year.”


Meghan McArdle (12) – “Don’t take your freetime/sleep for granted!! As you progress through high school you will continuously get less and less!” 


Angela Cui (10) – “Listen to teachers. Don’t just play games in Excellence, get help!”


Mridula Srivathasan (11) – “Don’t burn out early.”


Simon Johnstone (11) – “Enjoy high school don’t just care about academics.”


Henry Pearson (11) – “Work hard”


Jasmine Sun (10) – “Don’t procrastinate, even though I do, don’t.”


J.A (10) – “Sleep while you can”


Seth (10) – “Don’t procrastinate.”


Artie (10) – “Do homework.”


Jane Atkinson (10) – “Stay organized and don’t get behind! Your grade will not magically inflate at the end of the term.”


Reina Zhou – “Time management”


Liz Saudek (10) – “Get your work done on time.”


Erica Chen (10) – “Don’t get off to a bad start. Look out for bullies and be the real you! Don’t run in the hallways”


Peyton Fitzpatrick (11) – “Don’t stress about grades.”


Ariana Collins (11) – “Make relationships with your teachers!”


Isabelle Benetiz (11) – “Join lots of clubs but don’t get involved in clubs that aren’t you.”


Aayush Singh (10)  – “Don’t procrastinate.”


Ellie Hanson (10) – “Enjoy your time while you still have it.”


Grace Greene (10) – “Turn in your assignments on time.”