School Sprit Blooms at the Spartan Spring Dance

Ella Kelsey

Winter in Wisconsin is an eternity of cloudy days and slushy roads. Many highschool students frequently ask their friends, “What should we do this weekend?” Then reluctantly receive the monotonous response, “I don’t know. There is nothing to do.” 

Wisconsin’s flat geography may prove this to be true; however, the Brookfield East fieldhouse on March 5th was everything but boring. The Spartan Spring Dance surpassed all expectations and provided students with a night of fancy dresses, poised pictures, delicious dinners, and of course lots of dancing. 

The entertaining night was put on by the 2024 class officers and the production was overseen by our athletic and activities director, Mr. Westphal. 

This team faced many complications and challenges regarding the planning of this particular dance. The night was originally scheduled to be held on the night of January 25th, however due to health concerns in regards to the coronavirus, the decision was made to postpone the dance to March 5th. 

Fletcher Allenstein, the 2024 class president, addressed the setback with an optimistic attitude,  “it was nice that it was postponed because we weren’t  ready, but we weren’t ready because we knew the dance would most likely be postponed.” 

Overall, the night was considered a great success. The officers made a profit of about $4000 and were extremely happy with the turnout as over 500 students showed up. DJ Sante kept the students dancing for hours and gave them a night to remember. 

Although the planning team faced some setbacks, they were grateful to even have the opportunity to put on such a wonderful night. Allenstein was very proud to see all their hard work come together and to be able to share it with all BEHS students, “In our age with going to highschool during the coronavirus pandemic, it is really nice to be able to have school events so it feels like an extra bonus when the night went really well.”