Mrs. Bunker Retires After a 20-Year Career at BEHS

Kaitlin Verheyen

Whether you frequent the front main office from time to time, or are a chronic visitor to check in for attendance, you’ll see a couple friendly faces everytime you go. Until now, most BEHS students have had the pleasure of always meeting one of those friendly faces: Mrs. Bunker, the main receptionist at Brookfield East. She has been there almost every morning, and has become an absolute staple in the day-to-day academic environment of the school.

Mrs. Bunker has been working at Brookfield East since 2002, as a part time receptionist, and as a full-time receptionist since 2007. She has spent 20 years putting a personable and friendly face to Brookfield East, and now is the time for our community to cheer her on as she embarks on her newest life adventure: retirement!

As Mrs. Bunker prepares to leave, she reflects on all the things that brought joy to her job, and that she will miss very much! “I’m a people person” says Mrs. Bunker, referring to all the coworkers and staff, students and parents, that she meets while working for the school. “It’s really bitter sweet!” Although, she decidedly won’t miss the daily checking of her email at 5:30 am to know which teachers will be out of the building that day! 

When looking back on any accomplishments or favorite moments from her vast time here at East, Mrs. Bunker mentioned that no one moment really stuck out to her; that there are far too many good times to choose from. “I really do just like what I do,” Mrs. Bunker stated. “It’s just fun, and it’s been like that for 20 years!” Aside from the work she loved about the job, she showed great appreciation for the people she works with, as well as those she met along the way!

And, unsurprisingly, many of those individuals had great things to say about her as well! For example, Mrs. Graesser stated that she was nothing short of “a positive and welcoming presence for anyone and everyone entering the building”. Mrs. Fellmeth, one of BEHS’ associate principals, also stated that “Mrs. Bunker is truly an excellent human. She has been friendly and steadfast in her service to others here at BEHS. It has been reassuring to know that any student, parent, or community member looking for information or for help for all these years has been in the very caring and capable hands of Mrs. Bunker.” She goes on to say that she “will always be so grateful to have called her a colleague and friend.”

Principal Farley gave a statement as well: “We thank Mrs. Bunker for 25 beyond years of service to Brookfield East and the Brookfield East community. She’s been the point person for parents, teachers, staff, and students, and, doing so, has set the standard for what customer service looks like. So, we will miss her dearly, and wish her nothing but the best in retirement and the years ahead” 

After 20 years at the same establishment, Mrs. Bunker had some truly amazing advice for the students and staff here at East: “things are going to change, and change is hard. We don’t like it. Most of the time, we like to stay in our rutt and our routine, but I think if people are included in the change, as far a little heads up or a say in the change, it helps it go far more smoothly.” 

She continued by saying that “if you try to put a little humor in it, it’ll go a long way. Especially with change, there are going to be mistakes, and you really just have to laugh at it! When you work with people, if you don’t have that sense of humor and take everything to heart, its going to be very painful, and make your job difficult.” Through her statements, Mrs. Bunker illustrated genuine knowledge and understanding of healthy relationships within a thriving work environment, and very clearly expressed her high levels of dedication to the community.

After East, Mrs. Bunker plans on seeing her children and grandchildren more often, as well as escaping the cold by retiring to her and her husband’s condo in Florida! “A little more traveling, a little more change,” she says. “And, as they say when you retire, you can do what you want when you want!” Collectively, we at Brookfield East High School wish Mrs. Bunker the absolute best, and will truly miss her friendly face, as well as her unmatched dedication to BEHS.