Online Director’s Farewell Address


Amanjot Kaur

Throughout my senior year, I have learned to engage more in self-reflection. Like most of my peers, I spent months reflecting on my high school experiences in college application essays. Now that I have committed to a four-year college, I find myself frequently looking back on my past years at Brookfield East and the various memories I hope to carry with me as I enter the next stage of my life. So, when I was tasked with writing a farewell letter, I was more than willing.

As excited as I am about beginning the next stage of my life, I had many incredible experiences at Brookfield East which I will miss and remember fondly for the rest of my life. I think of the various people I have met at East, and how the community has left a lasting impression on me. I can thank this community for teaching me how to be a better communicator, leader, and person.

As a part of Spartan Banner, I was able to view the passion that my peers had for the extracurricular activities they engaged in, the academic interests which they explored, and the experiences they had with friends throughout high school. 

As an online director, I have spent this year reading and publishing several opinion stories on controversial national events, features on important leaders at Brookfield East, and stories about Brookfield East victories in sports, robotics, and more. 

This opportunity only made my love and appreciation for this school community much stronger, and I will truly miss my time here.

With that being said, I also hope to leave a lasting legacy at Brookfield East. I want to tell you, our dear readers, to pursue your interests and explore those ideas that you are passionate about. As minor as your interest may seem, I can guarantee you that it is important, and that your creativity and vision have a valuable place in our world. I implore you to question your impact on the world around you, to reflect on the ways your actions can better the lives of others and how you can give more love to yourself.

I hope that my time at Brookfield East has positively impacted some of you, and that you have enjoyed seeing the growth of our online magazine throughout this year. I am so truly proud of the incredible writers, editors, and photographers with whom I worked. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead. Thank you for sharing your stories so passionately and poignantly. Thank you, readers, for valuing our stories and appreciating this snapshot of Brookfield East.

And thank you, Brookfield East, for helping me write my story.

– Amanjot Kaur