Spartan Union Holds Toy Drive With US Marine Corps


Alexandra Orejuela

Have you stopped by the Spartan Union lately for your favorite drink? If you have, you might notice that there is a toy drive happening. The Spartan Union and US Marine Corps are holding a toy drive through December 16 to give back.

Profits go to a shopping warehouse for people with lower incomes so children can receive presents. By giving back to the community, this drive can help those that are less fortunate. The holiday season can be a trying time for families that wish to give their children presents but are not able to, so these efforts can help make the holidays a fun and special time for all. 

The Spartan Union is offering an incentive for those that choose to contribute. “People can choose between a free Woody Latte, Buzz Boba, and an Olaf Shake if they bring gently used or new toys worth 5 or more dollars,” says Grace Walters (12) and Lily Hayes (11).   

Any students or staff that has toys to donate can contribute to this cause to not only receive a free drink, but also contribute to a season of giving.