Brookfield East Welcomes New Librarian Mrs. Theys


Eiman Mir

Brookfield East warmly welcomed many staff members during the 2022-2023 school year. One staff member, in particular, is a new school librarian Mrs. Theys. As a librarian, Theys plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable learning environment and fostering academic excellence in students at Brookfield East. 

So far, Theys is enjoying her job as a librarian at Brookfield East. “I am loving it here at Brookfield East. The students and staff have been wonderful, and this library is one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve worked in. I’m so lucky to be here!”

Brookfield East is grateful to have a librarian as experienced as Mrs. Theys. Before beginning her teaching career, Theys attended the University of UW-Stevens Point for her English Education degree and UW-Milwaukee for her Library and Information Science degree. After graduating, she worked for the Green Bay School District in the English department Theys’s passion for reading eventually led her to pursue a career as a librarian. She started at the Cudahy School District near Milwaukee and recently transferred to Brookfield East. 

Theys’s passion for books stems from a young age. She states, “I’ve always had a love for books and I always knew I wanted to work in education. After working as a high school English teacher and then for public libraries for a few years each, I decided to combine my passions and become a school librarian.

As an experienced librarian of four years with an additional three years as an English teacher, Theys advises aspiring librarians to, “[not] think you have to know everything. I often look up answers to tech issues and book questions on Google!”

Theys’s favorite part about being a librarian is getting paid to buy books! A big part of her job is buying new books for the library. “I am always checking out books from the library and reading them myself. I always get so excited when another box of books arrives at the library! 

Not to mention, Theys’s favorite book is Harry Potter. Theys explains, “I grew up with Harry Potter. The books and movies were coming out while I was growing up, so it was fun to grow up with Harry. I even went to midnight releases at Barnes and Noble for the last three books when they came out!”

Theys is excited to begin her journey at Brookfield East and hopes to help every student succeed whether that means helping students find a good book or simply providing an environment for studying and collaboration.