Winter Break: Should It Be Longer?

Laasya Ramachandruni

At Elmbrook, winter break is 11 days long and includes holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and the celebration of the New Year. This break is one of the longest breaks for students around the United States. While most people would assume this break is something all students love, this is not necessarily the case. 

One of the most common reasons for why someone would prefer shorter winter breaks is so that they can have longer summer breaks. Many students like the idea of spending more time off during the summer than the winter. 

Ava Auchter (11) notes, “You can get school over with quicker.” 

On the other hand, many students have expressed that they prefer a longer winter break to relax before the stress related to finals season. 

“It allows us to reset and mentally prepare ourselves for finals and the rest of the year, ” says Linnea Wagner (10).  

“It helps us be more productive for the rest of the school year because we aren’t burning out,” Sivani Adavi (10) adds. 

Another reason why many students want a longer break is so that they can spend time with their family and return back from vacation without missing school. As many families go on vacation during the winter break, they need more time to return back from vacation and spend more time with their family without having to miss school. 

At Brookfield East, students have differing opinions about the length of winter break. So, how long do you think winter break should be?