Brookfield East students create murals to help inspire future generations

Shreya Girish


Wandering around the halls of Brookfield East High School, students may be noticing murals popping up, especially in the cafeteria. These murals are being painted by the class Leadership Principles, taught by Mr. Smith and Mr. Rux


Students taking the Leadership Principles class are assigned a project that will help improve the school and create something that is going to last. 


The murals that are being painted around the school are all being painted by different groups of people, all from the Leadership Principles class. Rebecca Ferrell (12), Bryce Thomas (11), Endia Thompson (11) and J.J Hemmer (11) chose to paint a Senior Wall as their way to leave a permanent mark on the school. 


In a recent interview with Ferrell (12), she said “if you have future nieces, nephews, children, that come to this school, they can be like, ’look there’s my momma up there’, so just cool stuff like that,” when she was asked about how this would leave an impact on the school. 


The senior wall is going to be painted in the design that you cut it in half and but “seniors” in between and then the “BEHS” around that. Seniors are painted in blue and BEHS in red.” Every year, the senior class will have the opportunity to sign their name on the wall, with a different color for each class. The group wants to keep the senior wall going for years to come, making sure that future classes keep signing the wall and the tradition continues.

The mural is displayed in the Brookfield East cafeteria